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Reading Style
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  • Compassionate

Jayden has over 38 years of experience. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medium, an empath and picks up on energy. She also uses spirit guides and also can use tarot cards as a tool. Jayden works well with relationships and can read the energy field of those around you. She can focus on love, relationships and work issues. She is able to pick up on people in your life and their energy. She gives you a lot of information and is very easy to talk to. She reads with or without questions. She has also worked with the police and helped find missing people and children. She is an accomplished medium with over thirty-eight years of providing intuitive guidance. Jayden specializes in being empathic, receiving messages from her spirit guides and angels and in using her tarot cards as a tool. . .She also answer questions in many different areas including love and relationships and connecting with loved ones that have passed over as well. We all have questions which sometimes we do not have the answers to. Jayden is here to help you on your path and look forward to speaking with you. Remember "Today's dreams are tomorrows realities".