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Notes from Renee's Facebook Live - How to get a reading

Notes from Renee's Facebook Live - How to get a reading

I want a psychic reading! Where do I go for a psychic reading? How can I get a psychic reading? 

It’s not as hard as you think! Call us! 
We are different because we help you through every step of the process of choosing a reader to booking. We want you to get an amazing, accurate psychic reading. 
We are a small, privately owned psychic service. All of our readings are by phone. We physically do test readings with the readers before we allow them to read for us. 
What we do here in the office is we are the booking agents for psychic readers. Our home office is located in Orlando, Florida. We have been located in Orlando since 1997, before that, our main office was in North Carolina. Our readers are across the continental United States. 
We specifically look for readers who can pick up on voice vibrations. We also want them to focus on relationships, business, family, money and destiny questions - or do a general cold reading without any questions. 
If you do have a specific question - we do encourage you to ask the reader. You don’t have to, but it’s a way to help you get the answers you need and want.
All of our readers are clairvoyant - which means that they pick up visually on bits and pieces of your past present and future and then describe it to you.
Some of our readers can use Tarot Cards - either do a tarot card spread or just throw out one or two cards for confirmation on what they are picking up. 
Some of our readers are psychic mediums. Psychic medium readers pick up on energy in feelings, symbols and visualizations in the here and now. Psychic mediums generally are direct and to the point. 
We do have other types of reader abilities for the readers to give accurate readings. Past lives, angels and spirit guides, empathic and pet psychics are all areas our readers can focus on. 
We are very serious about our readings. We always encourage clients to take notes during the reading - this is important so the client has something tangible to look back on. Sometimes a reader mentions something that doesn’t make sense - then in three months - it totally makes sense! Taking notes is very helpful with little details that you might not remember.
We also offer a 5 minute guarantee with every reading you ever book with us. If you ever get into a reading and feel the energy isn’t right for any reason - you can end the call, call us back and then book a different reader for the full amount of time you originally booked. 
When you call us, you will get a live booking agent. We are not automated. We help you every step of the way. We know that booking a reading can be a little intimidating. We love to help you feel at ease and help you find your reader. 
We have new client specials available. Our current most popular new client special is $30 for 15 minutes. This special runs through the end of June, 2017. We always offer set rates - NO surprises in pricing. There are no additional charges or fees. You choose everything ahead of time - we do business this way because it’s fair for our clients. 
We value your privacy. We never sell any of our client’s information. It’s in our best interest to ensure your information stays safe. We encourage you to not give ANY personal information to the readers. We want the readers to read - they do not need any of your personal info to give a reading on your energy. Your energy comes through via voice vibrations.
Psychic readings by phone are ALL about energy. The readers do not get a chance to judge you by how you look - what kind of car you drive - what kind of purse you have. It’s only energy. That is why we think psychic readings by phone are the most accurate way to get a reading based on energy. 
Call us! We will do everything we can to ensure you get an excellent psychic reading. On an average day, 95% of our calls are from current customers. Our clients call us back because we offer a very valuable service. 
People choose readings by phone because of the convenience - you can have a reading just about anywhere. We always recommend being in a private area so you can feel comfortable - but we have had readings happen just about anywhere you have seen people use a phone. Sometimes you need answers right away - we are here for that.