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How can I find connection with a crossed over spirit?

When you lose someone you love, you will do anything to try to find connection with that person.  Many people pay tribute to that person in their day to day life and some people like to do a big gathering.  Here are some ways to help you find and connect with your crossed over loved ones.  

Acknowledge the spirit's importance to you on a day to day basis and honor that importance.  Keep their memory alive in your home with a small tribute area.  It does not have to be a huge shrine, but can be just a candle on your mantle that you have dedicated toward that person's memory.  When you notice that candle or special tribute, know that your loved one is with you in that moment.  It is incredible how many times you will notice the tribute during important times of you life.

Another way to honor that person is to go do something the two of you would have gone to do together.  When you are strong enough through grieving, go to a place that is special to both of you.  It could be visiting the grave or going to a special place for lunch or dinner.  Being open to the spirit in those times can help you find peace and feel connected to that person.  

Honoring their life with loved ones is a great way to pay tribute!   Did you go on a special vacation with that person?  Invite a bunch of mutual friends and make a special tribute to that person by going and having a wonderful time in their honor. One time I was sitting on a beach in Florida when a huge group of firefighters showed up, made a toast and payed tribute to a fallen comrade.  It was so special and touching.  The firefighter who passed had been gone for about 12 years at that time, but his friends still honor his memory every year by doing that ritual.