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6 ways to find hope in a dreary situation

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  But what happens if the lemonade requires a little water and sugar to taste sweet, and you don't have those ingredients?  When things seem to turn for the worse after being bad, it can seem like a hopeless situation.  There has to be a way to turn hopeless into hopeful and deal with the negative experiences.  

1.  Find ways to nurture your soul and take care of yourself.  Slow down, get the correct amount of sleep, eat healthy food.  Just taking basic care of yourself can really help when dealing with a setback.  

5 ways to soothe your soul during the holidays

Giving your soul a little relaxation is extra important this time of year.  Here are 5 ways to soothe your soul when times are stressful.  We always encourage mindfulness.  Please take it easy on your self for less stress.  

1.  Take a warm bath.  Use essential oil mixed with coconut oil for extra moisturizing and aromatherapy.  Light white candles to clear energy in the room.