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connect with spirit

Connecting with Spirit

18 Sep

The psychic experience is different for every different psychic reader. Psychic medium readers are psychics who connect with energy from souls who have departed the physical world. A psychic medium is a translator between the spirit world and the physical world. Medium readers are able to lift their energy high enough to pick up messages and symbols from crossed energy. Crossed energy is thought to have a higher frequency than we do in the physical world. A psychic is called a medium because they are the medium energy that can pick up on the higher frequency.

We believe spirits are always around us. The energy of crossed loved ones stays with us once the soul of the person has crossed over. Many people use psychic mediums to connect with a crossed loved one’s energy. But, you don’t always need to use a psychic medium for the energy to come through. There are ways to recognize spirit energy around you.

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How to connect with your spirit guides

25 Nov

A spirit guide is a soul that has the job of guiding a human toward a better life and enhanced spiritual awareness. These beings are there to watch over and protect us as we travel through our human existence.

It is not always easy to connect with your spirit guide and most people have never harnessed their ability to do so. Psychics and mediums usually find it simple to connect with their own spirit guides but they have also accepted that they have certain abilities and have worked to develop what is called a “sixth sense”.

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