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clearing energy

Be cautious with a Ouija Board For Halloween Fun

29 Oct

A Ouija Board is usually a flat piece of wood which has numbers from 0 - 9, all the letters of the alphabet and a Sun and Moon symbol. It also has a triangular shaped instrument called a planchette that glides across the board and spells out answers to questions from the participants. Ouija is considered to be a gateway to the spirit world. The use of the board supposedly allows the living to contact those on the other side. The participants (two is the optimal number) generally ask questions and the planchette should glide across the board and spell out the answers to their questions. A ouija board is believed to be an open portal to the spirit world. It is important to know how to clear energy before using a ouiji board. There are many different types of psychics who can help with ouiji boards, energy and spirit.

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