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Astrology Readers


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05 Aug

Biography: Aine is clairvoyant and can use tarot cards. She is also empathic and has over 10 years of experience. She indicates that she has always been able to feel the emotions of other people and seeks to find a solution or answer to their questions. Aine believes that she is the tool though which you should be able to gain insight into and work out your individual concerns. She provides lots of information in a practical, down to earth manner that is detailed and easy to relate to. Aine can do a general reading or work with an areas of focus.

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06 Nov

Biography:  Wynter is empathic clairvoyant. She can also use tarot, if needed. She is a fifth generation psychic. Is able to use her abilities in order to help people to obtain answers to many life challenges. She strives to provide clarity to relationships, work, and most questions involving any issues you may be facing. Wynter often asks for an astrological sign at the start of the reading in order to make a vibrational connection. She is also often able to find lost items.

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, tarot, astrology

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05 Mar

Biography:  Hello. My name is Keara I was born in 1953 under the sign of Libra and the Moon is my ruling planet. Since I was very young, I began to feel and experience a deep intuitive sensitivity towards other people as well as animals. I have always relied on that sensitivity to guide me in my own numerous and varied life experiences. Along the way I developed an interest in the study of Natal Astrology, and Tarot. I am very spiritual and therefore my preference is to utilize my psychic and clairvoyant gifts in my readings.

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