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My spiritual journey began in my teenage years when I conducted séances. Intrigued by vampires, werewolves, and the concept of immortality in the television show "Dark Shadows," I delved deeper into spiritualism at a renowned camp. Subsequently, I obtained a master's degree in occupational therapy with a specialization in biofeedback. I focused on working with individuals experiencing stress-related conditions like headaches, hypertension, chronic pain, and anxiety.

My professional path has centered on a blend of spiritualism and holistic health. I am a certified Animal and Angel Tarot card reader through Hay House. During card readings, I offer guidance on health, relationships, and career matters, utilizing a gentle and empathetic approach as a psychic. Through research, I connect clients with specific Archangels to aid them in achieving their objectives. For instance, Archangel Michael is associated with safety and protection. Personal experiences, like being guided to safety by Michael while in peril on Mount Rainier, have reinforced my beliefs.

I also provide mediumship services, conveying messages from departed loved ones and guiding clients in recognizing signs and symbols. Many have found solace and guidance leading to life-altering decisions through these communications. My role involves facilitating spiritual growth, life passion discovery, and matching clients with suitable Archangels and Guardian angels. Astrological insights, derived from sun and rising signs analysis, aid clients in understanding their characteristics, relationships, and public perception.

Utilizing behavioral tools like meditation, I assist in stress management, chronic pain relief, and overall well-being enhancement. Given my background in holistic health and spirituality, I excel in meditation training, incorporating relaxation techniques, imagery, and spiritual aspects. This personalized approach considers each client's beliefs and attitudes, resulting in reduced dependency on medications for many individuals.

Luna is committed to delivering exceptional service and supporting each client on their unique journey.

  • Name:  NA

    "Luna's kind spirit and soothing voice immediately puts you at ease, creating a sense of comfort and safety. As she listens attentively, you feel a deep spiritual connection forming. Her invocation of the archangels, especially Archangel Michael, helps diminish worried feelings. After each session with Luna, you feel renewed-your soul nourished and awakened by the guidance she has shared."


  • Name:  NA

    "I find Luna to be wise, knowledgeable, and insightful. Those are three words I would use to describe her talents. She offers sage advice with a loving touch. You will not be disappointed."