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Hello. My name is Keara I was born in 1953 under the sign of Libra and the Moon is my ruling planet. Since I was very young, I began to feel and experience a deep intuitive sensitivity towards other people as well as animals. I have always relied on that sensitivity to guide me in my own numerous and varied life experiences. Along the way I developed an interest in the study of Natal Astrology, and Tarot. I am very spiritual and therefore my preference is to utilize my psychic and clairvoyant gifts in my readings. I am an astrology counselor and use the Tarot to help me zero in on your issue and possible solutions. I have counseled for many years, providing insight into personal, love and career relationships.

I am one with nature, animals and starlit skies. I go for long walks in all types of weather as this brings me closer to the universe and provides a peaceful way of meditation.

Call me. I can help you find the answers you seek.