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Biography:  Rabbit has been psychic since birth. He can hear and feel the issues of importance during a reading. Specializes in relationships of all sorts, career, business. Connects with your energy upon hearing your voice and strives to help clients understand and improve their relationships, provides career guidance, and advises you on navigating life's many paths.

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, tarot

Reading Style:  Very straightforward and easy to talk to. Able to give information regarding your situation in an uplifting, positive style.

Other Notes:  


Name: B.F.

Rabbit had a cute greeting and was very upbeat right off the bat. He did repeat a couple of times that 20 minutes was not that long, I could see where this might be in an effort to get ppl to extend their time. he didn't venture into any of the off limits areas. Overall his reading was very positive and almost had a fatherly tone. He wanted to impart some larger wisdom as well. On a side note, it was funny, he was explaining to me what a Recruiter does, I didn't have the heart to tell him that was my day job. He didn't cover a lot of ground, preferring to dig deeper into a couple of questions. His slight southern accent and warm tone make him easy to connect with.

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