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Meet Maxine, an experienced psychic reader with a remarkable 35-year journey in the realm of intuitive insights. Having conducted over 30,000 readings, Maxine specializes in love and romance readings, energy assessments, and dream analysis. Her connection with the mystical world began at the age of 11, influenced by a lineage of psychics that spans through both her mother and grandmother.

Maxine has been unwaveringly dedicated to her craft, using the same deck of tarot cards for an impressive 32 years. As a third-degree Reiki master, she brings a unique blend of intuitive abilities and energy healing to her sessions. Maxine has been a guiding force for individuals from diverse backgrounds, assisting them on their journey to greater understanding and fulfillment.

With a desire to illuminate the paths of those facing uncertainty, Maxine aims to clear energetic obstacles and empower individuals to embrace their best lives. Allow Maxine to be your guide as you navigate life's challenges, providing clarity and creating a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling existence.

  • Name:  J.C.

    "Maxine has been an absolute beacon of guidance in my life. Her intuitive insights are nothing short of remarkable, and her 35 years of experience truly shine through in every reading. What sets her apart is not only her genuine gift but also her compassionate nature. Maxine's wisdom has been a source of healing and empowerment on my personal journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Maxine to anyone seeking profound insights and a compassionate guide on their path to fulfillment."