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Biography:  I apply the principles of Tarot in conjunction with intuitive insight, addressing the concerns and questions of those seeking guidance and direction. With respect for each individual's spiritual inner strength and free will, I offer recommendations and suggestions to face life's personal challenges.

As a young adult I consulted a psychic who accurately told me that I was gifted. I hadn't told her of my experiences of precognition. She suggested I obtain a deck of Tarot cards and begin studying and using them. I started to read for my friends and family often amazing myself as well as those for whom I read.

Each day brings a spectrum of choices and opportunity for each of us. I welcome the privilege of assisting you on your life journey.

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, tarot

Reading Style:  Warm, friendly, quick, good humored.

Other Notes:  Raised in New York, I attended college in Philadelphia majoring in history/secondary education. After teaching for a year, Divine Providence called me to a career in government social services where my career spanned twenty-five years.


Name: A. F.

Marco was fantastic! He was a ball of energy. Immediately, Marco welcomed me with a big hello that felt like a hug and gave me the directions for the call. I liked how transparent he was about what would be happening. He did not venture into any areas he shouldn't. The whole reading was very positive and forward moving. Marco didn't make too many wild conclusions, which is always good as well. He made a quick and personal connection and by the end I felt like we were old friends. He also invited me to keep him updated on how things are going. It was a very natural way to gain a client.

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