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Reading Style
  • Spiritual
  • Kind
  • Detailed
  • Intelligent and wise

Cheyenne has over 40 years experience as a psychic. She is an expert tarot card reader who picks up on the energy around you and how to deal with it. She is somewhat clairvoyant and is able to help lift negative energy.. She provides a lot of depth and detailed information because she is able to provide clarity, wisdom and insight. She also picks up on people around you and works best with direct questions concerning love, relationships, work, confusion, etc. She also seeks to lead you to empowerment and wants you to learn how to take control of your life. Her goal is to help you meet the challenges of life and uplift your emotional and spiritual self with wisdom and insight. She also seeds to assist you explore the potential of present and future relationships.

If you are seeking truthful answers to dating, marriage, divorce issues, or career, she has helped people with confusion. She also advises about the cleansing of negative energies for success on all levels of existence, including the removal of blockage and obstacles for continued success and happiness. If you are in need of career advice and direction, Cheyenne should be able to assist and advise you on what may be coming your way. Cheyenne is understanding compassionate, non-judgmental and caring with an extensive background in dealing with crisis situations and working with individuals going through emotional turmoil. She is also a trained listener and will allow you the time you need in which to express your feelings about your circumstances. Her readings are generally to the point, powerful and accurate.