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What Does an Orange Aura Mean?

Around 30% of American's put their faith in spiritual healers and the unseen world. 

A key part of the spiritual world is understanding auras. Every person emits a low-level electromagnetic energy field (otherwise known as an aura). But did you know that these auras have different colors? 

A select few people have an orange aura. This aura is powerful and important, but most people don't know the difference between aura colors and what they signify. If you're in touch with your spiritual side, you must learn about the orange aura. 

So what is an orange aura? Read on to find out! 

The Sacral Chakra 

The orange aura is deeply tied to the sacral chakra. This is the energy center between the navel and the perineum and governs our sex organs and kidneys. 

This chakra is a water element that is usually represented as a six-petalled, vibrant orange lotus flower. If you have an orange aura, your energy stems from this area and helps you feel pleasure and sexuality. 

Orange Aura Personality Traits 

The orange aura meaning is primarily that of change, curiosity, and creativity. Orange aura'd people always strive for positive change on their own terms. They are action-oriented and cannot be faulted for their ambition. 

Because orange auras are so high-energy, they're less common than other auras. However, this doesn't mean they shouldn't be treasured; having at least one person with an orange aura in your life will help push you towards greatness. 

The Benefits of Having an Orange Aura 

You are the master of motivation, getting things done, and charisma if you have an orange aura. You're a natural-born cheerleader, and this can take you far in your career. 

In love and relationships, orange auras are sensationalist. They want everyone to feel the joy and love that they do - if you have an orange aura, you probably tend to shower your lovers with gifts. 

The Challenges of Having an Orange Aura 

People with orange auras often struggle with burnout because the inherent meaning of an orange aura is high-energy and fast-paced personality traits. 

No one can sustain a high-energy disposition 100% of the time - when people with orange auras feel low, they often consider this failure. When, in reality, they just need to rest and recharge. 

The orange aura can be likened to a firework - quick to spark, dazzling colors, and quick to fizzle out. If you have an orange aura, make sure to prioritize your downtime to protect your energy. 

Embrace Your Orange Energy Today

So, that's a brief guide to the orange aura. A person with this high energy aura sparks change and creativity wherever they go. Whether it's yours or a friend's aura that's orange, it deserves to be recognized and nurtured. 

Now you know a little bit about auras and how they impact your life, are you ready to find out more? Book a reading today with one of our spiritual guides and get a peek into how your future will unfurl!