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How do you test a psychic reader?

We take testing the psychic readers very seriously.  We use our intuition to test psychics along with having the readers do test readings with us before putting them on our psychic line.  When a psychic reader applies to be a phone reader we ask them a few questions before showing interest in doing a test reading.  Does the psychic reader have experience in the industry?  How long has the reader been doing psychic readings?  How does the reader pick up on people?  What tools (Tarot cards, clairvoyance, mediumship, angels) are used to pick up on clients?  

Psychic Reader Spotlight

We will be doing a series of blogs focusing on psychic readers who have been reading with us for a while. They are our most tested psychics and deserve the spotlight for their wonderful work and repeat clientele.

Should I see a psychic?

Whether or not to see a professional psychic reader is a personal choice.  However, there are times when consulting a psychic is almost necessary.  We recommend seeing a psychic for love and relationship issues, work and office problems, dealing with difficult family members, finding lost objects and communicating with crossed over spirits.  Different types of psychics will be able to help with different types of situations.  When we test readers, we make sure they can help with relationships.  After that, we want to make sure they can offer insight in other areas as well.

A word about tested psychic readers

As a company we strive to provide the best psychic service in the entire industry.  We are smaller than other lines.  This allows us to really spend time developing and testing psychic readers to help our clients.  When a reader applies to become a psychic on our line, we set up test readings and a personal interview with them by phone.  The reader must demonstrate they can do readings.  What that means is that we want readers - at the very least - to be able to predict, focus on relationships (love and family) and work in white light.