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Psychic Reader Spotlight

We will be doing a series of blogs focusing on psychic readers who have been reading with us for a while. They are our most tested psychics and deserve the spotlight for their wonderful work and repeat clientele.

When we look for psychics we look for genuine psychics with kind hearts. They must be accurate psychic readers and be able to deliver readings in a kind and professional manner. We look for clairvoyant readers, psychic medium readers, tarot card readers and just about every metaphysical area you can imagine. Once we test the readers we put them on the line. Then our clients get to experience a psychic reading with them and let us know their thoughts on accuracy. If a psychic has been reading with us for a long time, he or she has definitely proved to be an excellent reader.

But, as we always say, not every reader will work for every client. Individual energy always comes into a reading. Some energies do not work well together. That is why we will always offer the 5 minute guarantee. We want our clients to get a great psychic reading, but understand that not every energy will work together.