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July 2019

What is Mercury Retrograde 2019?

09 Jul

Mercury goes into retrograde 3-4 times per calendar year. The dates for 2019 are March 5th to March 28th; July 7th to August 2nd; and October 31st to November 20th. It seems that everyone and everything are influenced by Mercury in retrograde. Earth’s orbit interacts with Mercury giving the impression that planets are moving backwards. This is, of course, only an illusion. When Mercury is in retrograde, life seems to be full of confusion, delays, and chaos. Have your emails been misdirected? Did your computer crash? Have you missed appointments? Was your flight canceled? Does everyone’s ears seem to be stuffed with cotton (including yours). Did your car break down? Did your favorite restaurant lose your reservation? You get the picture. The great thing about Mercury Retrograde is that it is generally a great time to think about the past and finish projects. A Mercury Retrograde should heighten your intuition.

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