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Clairvoyant psychic

Clairvoyant Psychic Readers

04 Jun

We love clairvoyant psychic readers. We specifically look for clairvoyant readers for phone readings because they are visual and descriptive. Visual and descriptive readers can help clients see what they are seeing and feeling. The better a clairvoyant reader can communicate what to watch out for with affirmations, the better the client feels about the reading.

Clairvoyant readers pick up visually. Their visions can come in symbols, numbers, colors or the visions may be like a movie. Excellent clairvoyant readers can translate the movies and symbols for the client. This makes for an excellent phone reading. The more descriptive the reader, the more information the client receives.

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How do I know if I am clairvoyant? What are the signs that I am a clairvoyant psychic?

29 Jun
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Tarot Card Reader or Clairvoyant Psychic?

04 Mar

We get asked by our clients all the time about which type of psychic reader is the most accurate. Everyone who calls wants accuracy and help for their individual situation. And, we think that it a reasonable request because we are a psychic line that looks to give the most accurate psychic readings. In short, how a psychic picks up on a client has little to do with how they do the psychic reading. We find that psychics who use Tarot Cards are just as accurate as psychics who are clairvoyant psychics or psychic mediums. The most important way to ensure an accurate reading and a reading that a client is happy with is to put two people with similar energy together. Energy is central to an excellent reading - and it comes from both parties.

How do I know if a psychic reader is accurate?

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Psychic Reader Spotlight: Elizabeth

17 Aug

Elizabeth has been a tested and highly rated clairvoyant psychic reader for our line since the 90s. Her energy is just as clear and focused as it always has been. Elizabeth has a strong following amongst current clients. She has worked in many areas of the metaphysical world. She is an accomplished clairvoyant, psychic teacher, professor and author. Elizabeth is excellent at doing psychic readings, but she also teaches her students to focus on their higher self to accomplish their dreams.

When Elizabeth started reading with Solutions, she had over 30 years of experience working as a professional reader. Elizabeth can pick up on another person's energy and she is specific with relationships, business, career, life path, soul mates and empathy. Elizabeth can focus on plans and how they will turn out. She is a highly accurate psychic reader and she is very friendly and easy to talk to about any life situation.

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