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06 Nov

Biography:  Wynter is empathic clairvoyant. She can also use tarot, if needed. She is a fifth generation psychic. Is able to use her abilities in order to help people to obtain answers to many life challenges. She strives to provide clarity to relationships, work, and most questions involving any issues you may be facing. Wynter often asks for an astrological sign at the start of the reading in order to make a vibrational connection. She is also often able to find lost items.

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, tarot, astrology

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2014 For Fun Astrological Forecast

04 Jan

Astrology is an interesting tool which sometimes can be used for forecasting the future. When you use a sun sign, you usually get a very general forecast. An astrologer can give often give you real insight about many different subjects based on your complete horoscope. To get a complete horoscope you need your birthdate, exact time of birth, and place of birth. Paramount Solutions, Inc. has several tested psychic readers that are versed in the subject of astrology. The year 2014 is here. What general trends are in store for your astrological sign?

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Why would a psychic reader ask for my birthday?

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21 Aug

There are many reasons a psychic reader - either in person or on the phone - will ask for a client's birthday before doing a psychic reading. The most obvious is that a psychic may use astrology as a tool to connect with the client. A little less obvious is that the psychic may need to hear a client's voice to pick up on the client's energy to proceed with the reading. It is not bad if a reader asks for a client's birthday it is just a way of connecting with the client to give an excellent psychic reading. Sometimes a client is not comfortable giving their birthday to the reader, if that is the case we encourage the client to let the reader know they do not want to give their birthday when asked.

We give specials to our clients in the month of their birthday. Please call the office to see what the special is and we will be happy to book a reading!

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