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Reading Style
  • Energetic
  • Focused

Ivey is very energetic and focused in her readings. She can read with or without questions. She is excellent with business, relationships, love issues and family. She is extremely empathic and precognitive. She can use a pendulum and/or do dream interpretation to enhance her readings.

  • Name: L. F.

    Location: Wisconsin
    I am pleased to write about my awesome session with Ivey today! I called at the time of my appointment and I was amazed how fast I was listening to Ivey. She immediately asked how she could help. Within seconds I felt she connected with me and confirmed all that I have been feeling about various ‘things’ troubling me! She gave me wonderful heart felt guidance! I shall take heed!
    Ivey’s professionalism and perception is an absolute 10 if she were to get a grade (1-10). I am so happy with my experience calling The Psychic Line! Looking forward to the next time which will be soon.
  • Name: R.S.

    Location: NA
    Ivey is the best! She is so gifted, empathetic, kind, funny, and truly wants to help guide you through this journey of life by sharing what she sees to ease your mind or help you. I highly recommend her to anyone, I can't thank her enough for all her help. Thanks, Ivey!