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How can I communicate with my spirit guides? Do I have spirit guides?

A spirit guide is an energy assigned to a soul before he of she enters the physical world. It is an energy which helps to spiritually guide that physical being through their life here in the physical world. A spirit guide usually is one which affects a particular soul positively. Spirit guides are believed to come from a higher power. Some guides are in animal form and other spirit guides are ancestral from one’s own family or with some sort of kinship.

Psychic Love Guidance

You may need psychic love guidance when some of the following problems or situations show up in your relationship. Should you continue with this person? Our tested psychics can offer love guidance and relationship advice.

The quest to find true love and romance for Valentine’s Day

A psychic reader can definitely help translate how a man or woman feels about another person, but can a psychic reader give clues in where to meet a man or woman? Clairvoyant and tarot card readers can tell timing, physical looks, the type of environment, and visuals to look out for to determine where you can meet your Valentine’s day date. It is just a matter of opening your energy to allow the new relationship energy to come though. Pay attention in your readings to help understand when and where you need to be to meet your new lover!

Psychically speaking, what is a cosmic portal?

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kim Richards got a psychic consultation in her home. In that psychic reading, the reader said that Kim had an energy portal in her fireplace. This is not spoken about on a day to day basis here at Solutions, but cosmic portals are actually commonplace in the physical world.

A psychic portal is actually a place where energies from the spirit world can pass through to visit the physical world. A psychic portal is mainly a positive energy to have in your home because it can allow spirits to pass in and out with ease.

Is he thinking about me?

This is an excellent question to ask a psychic reader. Relationships in general can be very tough to navigate. But in the beginning stage it can be very nerve wracking to put yourself out there to see if a person is interested. We have several psychic readers who can help you figure out if a specific person is interested, or if you should look for a different person.

Are Psychics Christian?

Some psychics are Christian.  But, like people, psychics come from all walks of life and this includes from many different religions.  Many psychics consider themselves ecumenical, open minded, spiritual and willing to help.  It is not a psychic reader’s goal to change someone to believe a certain way, but to bring a client into a space where goodness and light can come into their life.