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Sun Sign Stocking Stuffers

Holiday shopping can be really fun.  This Sun Sign Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide should be just the thing to help you make the most of your holiday shopping.

Aries is pretty much all about physical activity.  They will probably enjoy tickets to a sporting event, a Starbucks gift certificate, or some really nice sport socks to keep their feet dry while they run around.

Taurus is generally all about indulgence and beauty.  They will probably prefer a gift card (they usually like control and money), a really nice bottle of wine, or something silky and soft - use your imagination.

Gemini is said to be about communication.  Tickets to a lecture series, a gift card in order to download an e-book, or a fitbit would probably make a good choice to stuff in a stocking for your curious Gemini.

Cancer is usually in love with home and hearth.  Finding something artsy craftsy (made by you) in their stocking should send them over the moon.  Other suggestions include ornate picture frames or a gift card to a home improvement store.

Leos seem to enjoy being the center of attention.  Since Leos usually like bask in the glow of the admiration of others; a flashy watch, a nice hat, or really expensive hair products should make their heart go pitter patter.

Virgos are often know for being health conscious and kind.  Keeping their stocking stuffers simple should work well.  A gym membership, a coffee table book featuring cute animals, or anything that helps them with organization should make them jump with joy.

Libras are generally all about partnerships, beauty, and socializing.  They are somewhat notorious for their love of sweets.  Really good chocolates, a spa day gift certificate, or a anything cashmere will probably make them swoon.

Scorpios are know for their love of a good mystery.  Filling their stocking with puzzles, night-vision binoculars, or a spy cam should get their heart pounding.  

Sagittarius is the sign that seems to love to learn.  If they were to find a challenging model airplane, any sort of puzzle, or something fun like a bubble maker; they would probably have a happy holiday.

Capricorns is known for their love of beauty and discipline.  Fill their stocking with something elegant like a nice scarf, a tennis bracelet, or a real leather wallet in order to have a chance to score points with your Capricorn.  

Aquarians are usually all about humanity and knowledge.  They generally like to be comfortable while reading books about the human experience.  In order to have a chance to impress your Aquarian a book on philosophy accompanied by a pair of soft, fuzzy socks and some herbal teas should be just the ticket.

Pisces is the sign that generally concerns itself with emotion, spirituality and illusion.  Aromatherapy items, scented candles, essential oils, or mystical jewelry would probably make your sweet Pisces overcome with joy.

The Psychic Line by Paramount Solutions offers this Sun Sign Stocking Stuffer Guide in order to help you have a wonderful, safe holiday season.  We hope that you find these suggestions helpful! 

We have tested telephone psychics that should be able to help you choose Christmas gifts, sort out relationships, help you expand your own spirituality, let you know what is looming on the horizon of the new year, receive messages from the other side, and general address the issues that may be of interest to you.  If you have issues, we have insight.

Happy Holidays.


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