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What is the meaning of a Green Aura?

Some individuals see an aura when they close their eyes and face in the direction of another person. According to color psychology, Green is considered a balanced color with an equal balance between the physical energies (orange) and emotional/intellectual energies (blue).

Green has long been associated with good health not only for obvious reasons but because it radiates outward from within. Physically, people surrounded by Green are said to experience a more restful sleep, increased energy levels, more efficient digestion and stronger immunity.

Many people claim that surrounding themselves with plants or images of nature has a strong beneficial effect on their personal well-being. People who describe themselves as highly creative may also find that inspiration comes easier while working in the presence of Green.

Greens are nature's tranquilizers, relieving anxiety and soothing nerves. They also have a balancing effect on emotions, settling down over-excitement, irritation or frustration. Green can be used to help heal emotional shock and grief.

With Green being a balance between the physical and spiritual, it is not surprising that those who have a predominance of Green in their aura are described as being well-grounded and practical. Green has an earthy nature, symbolizing the material world, while the yellow center explains how to utilize these material things for higher purposes.

Green brings growth, whether used in decorating or in healing. It also represents fertility and renewal of all kinds. Many gardeners claim that surrounding themselves with plants has a strong beneficial effect on their personal wellbeing. Those born on weekdays when Venus is dominant can especially benefit from its influence because this planet rules both Taurus (the sign of money) and Libra (the sign of love).

The color green has a profound effect on us. It has a calming and balancing effect that restores our health while also being beneficial for the heart and other vital organs. Because of these attributes, it is no wonder that Green plays such an important role in feng shui, the art of placement. In this system, green implies money and financial rewards. It is one of the best colors for increasing your income.

So while it is difficult to say exactly what causes certain colors to elicit certain reactions in people, it may come as no surprise that individuals who claim they feel more peaceful, calm and relaxed when around Green seem to experience these results consistently among themselves.

Crystals that work with Green Aura

Green Aura Crystals have a soothing influence that can help you eliminate stress and feel relaxed just by holding one in your hands. They're also great for meditation and self-healing work. Green Aura Crystals are not only great for helping you get rid of negativity, but they're also excellent for aiding you in staying balanced and healthy. They're full of life-giving properties that help you feel whole.

The emerald works with green aura energy because it is a variety of chrysoberyl that has been colored by chromium. Some people are naturally more sensitive to green aura energy than others, just as some are more sensitive to the effects of the color Green in general.