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Valentine's Day Spirit

Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people at varying stages of their life.  When you are a child, Valentine's Day may be an exciting day because you get to give and receive cards from your friends.  As you mature, the day may take on a different meaning.  It may provide an opportunity to express love or receive an affirmation of love.  This may be romantic or just friendly.  If you have loved ones that like to participate, this might be another day to share and celebrate your love. 

Where is my soulmate? Who is my soulmate?

Towards the end of January and through the middle of February, our focus will be on soul mates.  There will be a string of Facebook posts to help you determine if you have found your soul mate and how to know if that person is for you. Here is a small taste of the types of things we  recommend in looking for a soul mate.