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tarot card spread

Tarot Card Spreads

05 May

There are numerous Tarot card spreads that can be used by a Tarot card reader for an accurate reading. Generally speaking, an excellent Tarot card reader will have a few different spreads to choose from based on the type of question (or not having a specific question) from the client. Having a spread with more cards doesn’t necessarily give more information. An accurate Tarot card reader will be able to choose which type of spread will work best for the client’s situation.

We specifically look for Tarot card readers who are also clairvoyant. All of the readers who work with us must be clairvoyant and show their ability when we do our test readings. Readers who use Tarot cards tend to be a little more grounded and a little better with timing of events. We believe Tarot card readings are an accurate source of information. We like our card readers to be clairvoyant to help with descriptions and to feel the energy of the client.

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