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stocking stuffers

Sun Sign Stocking Stuffers

08 Dec

Holiday shopping can be really fun. This Sun Sign Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide should be just the thing to help you make the most of your holiday shopping.

Aries is pretty much all about physical activity. They will probably enjoy tickets to a sporting event, a Starbucks gift certificate, or some really nice sport socks to keep their feet dry while they run around.

Taurus is generally all about indulgence and beauty. They will probably prefer a gift card (they usually like control and money), a really nice bottle of wine, or something silky and soft - use your imagination.

Gemini is said to be about communication. Tickets to a lecture series, a gift card in order to download an e-book, or a fitbit would probably make a good choice to stuff in a stocking for your curious Gemini.

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