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st patrick

Lucky Symbols for Spring!

14 Mar

Spring is when our thoughts often turn to good luck charms. These thoughts are generally kicked off by St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations. This year St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday, March 17, 2018. The bright Irish green of this day reminds us that spring is coming and that new experiences and life changes may be just on the horizon. Many symbols of good luck can also double as psychic symbols. Pay attention to the events and activities around you when you notice a psychic symbol or good luck charm. Enhancing good luck with wearable charms may be an appealing way to make the transition into the new realm of young life and renewal that is literally bursting out all around us. Attracting good luck might be appealing in order to protect the new, tender shoots of newness that should be emerging. One popular lucky charm is a four-leaf clover.This is an old, well-known Irish good luck token.

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