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I am a reader. Why can't I read for myself?

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12 Dec

I am psychic, why can’t I read for myself?

When learning about your gift and learning how to increase intuition, one of the things a reader needs to learn is how to set boundaries for themselves. They also have to learn how to take their personal bias out of their predictions. Our intuition is off when we read ourselves because we have certain wishes of what we want to happen and it clouds a reader’s judgement. This makes the intuition less accurate because of that wish and bias. It is hard to see the bigger picture because of personal bias and wants.

If you are too close to the energy, it is hard not to have bias. This is also important when thinking about reading with the same reader all the time. If that reader is close to you, they will have a hard time giving new information. It is essential to try a different reader to get an accurate reading for your current situation.

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