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past life regression

Past Life Regression

29 May

I was recently watching an episode on Long Island Medium on TLC. Theresa Caputo was having a past life regression reading. It was fascinating! I wanted to go over what past life regression is an how it is used by psychic readers.

Past life regression is a form of hypnoses that brings up thoughts or memories that are believed to be from the client's past lives. The practitioner will ask the person having the past life regression specific questions about the memories and take notes. This will help the person under the regression realize their current physical life's goals and/or mission. Past life regression can bring peace to the soul in that the person gets answers on how or why they feel a certain way and how they can move toward a more spiritual path. People who believe in past life regression believe that each life has a specific goal that needs to be fulfilled in order to move on to the next spiritual realm.

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