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increase intuition

12 Ways to Increase Your Intuition

21 Dec

How to increase your intuition:

1. Observe others, their situations and outcomes.

2. Listen to your gut feeling and heart.

3. Learn as much as possible about the metaphysical world and psychic space.

4. Pray and meditate - create a space for yourself.

5. Be empathic - find people who seem to be your opposite and try to truly understand how they feel and experience the world.

6. Solitude - take time for yourself to recharge and turn inward.

7. Find balance - know your boundaries so you don't burn yourself out.

8. Pay attention to the smallest details - answers lie in tiny clues.

9. Find a mentor to help you with your journey and to help provide support.

10. Know that your intuition will get more accurate as you experience life.

11. Allowing yourself to feel can be scary, but it is necessary for using your intuition.

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