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Mercury Retrograde and the holidays

09 Dec
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Mercury Retrograde - April 2016

27 Apr

Oh joy! Mercury is going into Retrograde on April 28 - May 22, 2016. It will be in Taurus. Taurus is a strong, stubborn and fixed sign.

Mercury Retrograde Do's: Check and recheck all schedules; Mentally make a note that all communication in and out may be misconstrued and/or downright inaccurate; Back up all your files; Give yourself extra time; Take a moment to Meditate in order to remain calm; Use this time to review and reorganize your life; Explore true motives regarding yourself and other; and make sure you stop and reflect if something does not seem to make sense.

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4 tips for getting through the Mercury Retrograde

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25 Jan

Mercury Retrograde effects everyone when it happens. This year, it goes retrograde 3 times. You can see dates on our previous blog post. Here are some tips on making it through the Mercury Retrograde.

1. Know that Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to sign contracts or take a job offer. Mercury has a direct effect on communication. If you decide to sign a contract or take a job offer, make sure ALL of your bases are covered. Take a day to think about the situation and assess all points of the contract before signing. If it is a job offer use a little time to think about if you like all aspects of the job before proceeding.

2. Know that because communication is off, there will be mishaps with applications, paperwork, assignments and deadlines. Be patient. It is not entirely the person or company's fault that things get twisted during Retrograde. Paperwork may get shuffled, lost or delayed.

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