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Biography:  Giovanna has over 30 years experience as a psychic reader. She is able to use her psychic abilities with or without the use of tools. She is able to use tarot cards, runes, astrology, numerology, the ability to read the signs that appear in nature, augury, and weather patterns, and other systems - if you wish. She also picks up on pets. Giovanna is able to work well in most areas of concern including love, relationships, work, family, spiritual concerns, and pets. She also does well with timing of events. Giovanna has a natural ability to connect to your issues and can usually do so very quickly.

She hails from an ancestral lineage in Italy. Her family history consists of botanical and natural healers and seers. This provides Giovanna with the ability to enjoy a unique and close connection to nature when she receives guidance. Animals, plants, stones, and weather all bring her guidance. She lives and works close to nature, away from cities and always continues to learn. Her soul's expressions are to enhance, empower and enlighten others so they may live their lives joyfully and in peace. She loves to use her gifts to help people enjoy a full life of happiness and strength. Her life experiences have been unusual making it possible to connect to other people, especially those in confusion or fear. She seeks to bring you into the light.

Giovanna is unique and possesses an expansive cultural, spiritual and educational background which has allowed her to work with many different types of people from all cultures and backgrounds. She has a great education in supernatural sciences and divinatory methods. Giovanna has many gifts and certifications to share with you. She is a Master Herbalist, a member of the Tarot Association, a published author, teacher of metaphysics and an artist. She has university degrees in Anthropology, Creative Writing, World Religions and Theater. She would love to use her knowledge and special, natural gifts to help you chart your course to a fuller life.

Specialties:  Relationships, How people feel, Details, Tarot, Energy Readings.

Reading Style:  Compassionate, clear, serene, loving, gentle, honest and detailed.

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