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year of the wood horse

Chinese Astrology Year of the Wood Horse

07 Feb

The Chinese New Year 4712 began on January 31, 2014. This is the year of the Wooden Horse according to Chinese Astrology.

The year of the horse generally is very exciting. It is considered a year of good fortune and triumph. It may bring surprises and adventures and even unexpected romance. Life will probably move very quickly in the year of the horse. Be careful not to trot off into the sunset and disappear. Last year was a year for planning. This is the year for considered action. Horse energy is very free, strong-minded and powerful. The year of the horse is all about appreciating nature, having an adventure, fun, good times, romance, and social events. This is probably a good year to make a new start, reinvent yourself, expand or start a new business venture, travel, fall in love, and enjoy yourself. Your instincts and gut feelings should serve you well during the year of the horse.

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