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valentine's day

Valentine's Day Spirit

10 Feb

Valentine's Day may mean different things to different people at varying stages of their life. When you are a child, Valentine's Day may be an exciting day because you get to give and receive cards from your friends. As you mature, the day may take on a different meaning. It may provide an opportunity to express love or receive an affirmation of love. This may be romantic or just friendly. If you have loved ones that like to participate, this might be another day to share and celebrate your love.

If you are alone or have someone in your life that does not participate in the hype affiliated with Valentine's Day, you may feel left out. This may be a good time to reach out to someone you know that might be a little lonely. The Valentine Spirit may provide you with an opportunity to give (and maybe receive) a little tender loving care.

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Make Valentine's Day Special - A Few Friendly Tips

30 Jan

We have put together a few friendly tips in order to help you have a truly Happy Valentine's Day.

Are you alone? Are you thinking of a past or lost relationship? Are you suffering from unrequited love? Is there someone new that is hovering in the wings, but not quite there yet? A friendly tip to avoid feeling a little down under those circumstances is for you to take a moment and reflect about how special you are. Just enjoy the day as a celebration of love. Do not stalk your ex on social media, make a foolish phone call, or send a silly text message. Do not waste time fantasizing about someone who did not or may not work out. Instead, focus on what is wonderful about right now. Write yourself a note and make a list of all the things that make you special and wonderful. Better yet, give a Valentine to someone that you know is feeling lonely or down. An act of loving kindness will make both of you feel better.

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