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Real.....or, Really?

23 Jul

Real or really simply means: Is your perception of reality close to what may or may not happen or be taking place?

Let me give you an example. An acquaintance read an article in newspaper after the tidal wave in Bali that indicated that the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain had the potential of exploding and may cause a tidal wave that would devastate the east coast. Horrors! He lived on the east coast of Florida close to the Atlantic Ocean. The alarm bells went off. He started preparations, sold his home and moved to the mountains in North Carolina stockpiled with everything he would need to survive the catastrophe. His wife refused to leave family and friends. She was unconvinced. They ended up divorced. She lives by the beach. He is living in the mountains somewhere - safe from the tidal wave. Is he right? Time will tell. Which internal compass do you think is off?

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