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Soul Mates

17 Apr

Spring is here and love is in the air. When thoughts turn to love, people often focus on finding their soul mate. What exactly is a soul mate? A common definition is that a soul mate is a person that loves, understands, and accepts every aspect of your personality. The expectation is that life with a soul mate will be perfect and easy.

Not so fast. Being in tune with each other does not necessarily guarantee success in a relationship. A relationship can break apart if love, respect, and communication are not steady components. Remember to cherish your relationship. Do not take it for granted.

All relationships need to be nurtured, or they will die. If you expect perfection from you soul mate, you are not being realistic. Finding your soul mate does not guarantee that you will not face challenges in your relationship. You are setting yourself up for a relationship fail and huge disappointment if you are not realistic about this special relationship.

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