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The Solar Eclipse effect on Soul Mates - August 21, 2017

28 Jul

Summer Solar Eclipse Effect on Soul Mates
The Solar Eclipse is on August 21, 2017

The Great American Solar Eclipse may have a real impact on soul mates. The disruption of male energy by the encroachment of the moon’s female energy may may your experience with your soul mates interesting indeed.

Just think about it. What is a soul mate? A common definition is that a soul mate is a person who loves, understands and accepts every aspect of your personality. The expectation is that life with a soul mate is easy. Not so fast. Being in tune with each other does not guarantee success in a relationship. A relationship can break apart if love, respect and communication are not a steady component. The Great American Solar Eclipse and its scrambling and mingling of male and female energy might bring new things to light that might make things difficult - especially for a highly tuned in soul mate.

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