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4 Common themes of dreams and their meanings

28 Feb

Many of our psychic readers can help you determine a more personal assessment of your dreams, but here are some common themes of dreaming and their meanings. Before you get a psychic reading focusing on dream interpretation, be sure to have a couple notes in a journal about the dreams that are bothering you.

1. Dreaming of missing teeth and/or dreaming of losing teeth - The fear of losing something that is important to you and/or the worry of a health issue.

2. Dreaming of flying and/or falling - Worrying about security and/or feeling out of control in daily life. Dreamers take note on whether or not it feels like you can control the flying or if you are in someone/something's control.

3. Dreaming of being nude - You are feeling vulnerable, exposed and/or ashamed of a particular situation. Note if you are in front of a particular person or a group of people and what their reaction is to your nudity.

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Connecting with crossed over loved ones

28 Aug

A psychic medium is used to connect with crossed over loved ones. It is very common for clients to consult a psychic medium to help grieve and recieve messages to feel a departed one's soul again. No matter how a loved one passes, we all want to connect with a person one more time to make sure he or she is satisfied in death. There are many celebrity psychic mediums who have the ability to connect with spirit in order for the client to move toward a space of healing. It is very important a client goes to a psychic medium that is recommended to him or her so the client knows the psychic medium is honest and works in a positive space.

Psychic mediums must constantly cleanse their energy in order to keep negative energy away.

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