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The Meaning of a Violet or Purple Aura

Even though we might have a lot of purple in our aura one day, it may not be as dominant the next.

Purple, on the other hand, might indicate a variety of conditions depending on where it appears on your body on any particular day. A dull purple in a muscle, for example, could indicate muscle tension. When it appears all around you, don't panic. It might be a sign of depression. Heartbreak can also manifest as purple in the heart chakra. You're probably highly intuitive if your aura is purple.

Personality of a Person with a Violet or Purple Aura

Those with a prominent purple in their aura tend to be extremely sensitive, highly intuitive, and more introverted than those with flaming colours. As a result, they may be prone to indecisiveness, preferring to deliberate over acting rashly.

Spiritual pursuits like meditation, as well as artistic endeavours, may produce a purple aura. If you're tapping into something greater than yourself—even if it's an art project—that might be reflected in your aura.


Challenges of a Person with a Violet or Purple Aura

Worry and rumination are two frequent problems for purple-dominant auras. People with purple auras can be extremely adept at evaluating risk, but when out of balance, they can have amazing imaginations for conjuring up worst-case scenarios.

Not only that, but people with this aura type are prone to self-sacrifice and identity loss. They must focus on building confidence and appropriate limits, as well as strengthening the solar plexus. It's critical for persons with purple auras to achieve balance, ground themselves, and avoid picking up and experiencing other people's energy.

Love and Relationships with a person with a Violet or Purple Aura

People with purple auras, first and foremost, dislike superficiality and pretences and should not settle for a shallow connection. They require depth. They require a strong, soul connection with another person. That depth may need some upkeep in order to avoid being overpowering, so plenty of self-care and creative outlets are recommended, especially if your spouse is not as emotionally intense.

Because purple-dominant auras have a tendency to sense other people's emotions, it's critical for persons with a purple-dominant aura to create clear limits and respect their partner's boundaries. Allowing children to make their own decisions might be an example of this.

Professional Life of a Person with a Violet or Purple Aura

Finally, if you're wondering how people with purple auras may succeed in the workplace, it all boils down to desire. People with a dominant purple aura will find that picking a job only for the purpose of prestige or money will not please them in the long run. They're not naturally self-promoters. They shouldn't even attempt to be. The greatest way for them to prosper is to study, delve into a subject that interests them and specialise in one field.

It's also vital to keep your boundaries in the workplace and avoid mistaking others' energy for your own.