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Best In Industry

We feel our psychic readers are among the best in the industry. At Paramount Solutions Inc., we test all of our psychic readers before they join the psychic reading line. We are based on repeat clientele. Over 90% of our phone psychic readings are current customers.

Five Minute Guarantee

We are the pioneers of the five-minute guarantee. What this means is that in the first five minutes of any psychic reading you purchase, if you do not connect with your psychic reader, you can end it, call us back and get your full time with a different advisor. Your psychic reading is important to us. We are confident of our psychic readers.

Your Privacy

A psychic reading is a personal matter. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy. All readings are confidential. We do not provide third parties with our customers personal information. Your psychic reading stays with the psychic reader. Your contact and financial information stay in the office.


We think that we offer a great value to both new and repeat customers. You pick your amount of time in advance so that you know exactly what your payment will be before you get your psychic reading. There is no script designed to run up your bill here. Our psychic readers are prohibited from gathering any contact or financial information on clients.

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Booking Your Reading

Simply call the office and talk to a customer service representative. You choose the psychic reader (if you need help, we will be glad to assist you), the amount of time you wish to purchase, the time (same-day) you wish to have your phone psychic reading, and method of payment. You call your wonderful psychic reader on a regular long-distance telephone number. You can use your cell phone, landline, or whatever venue works for you best. We let them know you are calling, what time you are calling, and how many minutes you have purchased. The psychic reader keeps track of the time for you. The advisor’s focus is on you and your reason for calling.

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