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Renee's notes from her Facebook Live on April 5, 2017

09 Apr

How can a psychic help me? What types of questions are good for a psychic?

We look for many different types of readers to help our clients.
Clairvoyant readers help picking up visually on bits and pieces visually and describing

Tarot card readers are accurate. We have excellent Tarot card readers who can help in all areas. Tarot cards can be a little more concrete with timing of events.

Psychic mediums pick up on energy in the here and now. They help with how other people are feeling NOW. Some can channel energy in symbol form of energies crossed over.

Every client calls for different reasons. We regularly help with relationships, business, love, forecasting, validation, inspiration, seeing things that the client might not see.

It’s exciting to experience the feeling of connection with a psychic reader. Sometimes clients will get a chill with a good reading. Sometimes it’s an uplifted feeling -

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