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Lifelong psychic vampires versus transient psychic vampires

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01 Dec

Lifelong types of psychic vampires do not see or feel a problem with their need for energy. They would not be the ones who would ask if they are a psychic vampire nor would they want to change. If you are asking this question, and you think you are having an issue with energy, you’re probably more of a transient psychic vampire. You can help yourself move forward from being a psychic vampire.

Transient psychic vampires are people who may have gone through a rough time. They could be needing extra attention during grief or some other major life event. Transient psychic vampires are reflective enough to look inward and realize there is an issue. They are not necessarily bad or mean people, they are just having an energy issue that can be worked on. So, if you identify yourself as a psychic vampire, please know you are not alone and you can work on your energy.

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