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Readers who are clairvoyant with Tarot cards

13 Jul

Readers who are clairvoyant with Tarot Cards - They are clairvoyant meaning that they pick up visually on the client's past, present and future. Tarot cards are used to support and guide the reader during the reading. Readers who use cards may use a certain Tarot card spread or may just throw one or two cards for validation and direction of the reading. Readers who are Clairvoyant with Tarot cards are just as accurate as strictly clairvoyant psychic readers. Generally speaking, readers who use some Tarot cards in their readings are better with timing of events.There are many different types and styles of Tarot cards.

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15 Sep

Biography:  Sylvie is a tarot card reader who is also empathic and clairaudient. She is good in all areas and gives lots of details. She is especially good with relationships and how people feel. She is also able to focus on business and career concerns. Sylvie does well with short term timing and is able to help you sort out what is really going by picking up the energy that is surrounding you. She has over 20 years of experience.

Specialties:  Clairvoyant, tarot, clairaudient

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Can a Tarot Card Reading help me find my soulmate?

10 Jun

Tarot card readings can help with finding your soul mate. Relationship questions are our number one specialty as a psychic line. Tarot cards can help you determine what has past, what is coming up and what to look out for in your life. They can also show whether or not a relationship or love is in the near or far future. When getting a tarot card reading, it helps when the client already has their issue in mind when they pick up the phone to call their psychic reader. That way the client can focus the energy from the tarot cards toward that direction in life.

Tarot cards combined with clairvoyance helps you learn about issues that may be coming up, the timeline of the process of finding love and visuals that can get your started on your soulmate search. Asking a qualified reader about your love life is common. Most of our calls and readings are about relationships. We always look for relationship and love when testing a psychic reader for our service.

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Psychic Reader Spotlight: Keara

06 Sep

Keara has been doing psychic readings for Solutions for around 15 years. She is clairvoyant with tarot cards. She is excellent with relationships, business and financial forecasts. Keara can get to the true feelings of a relationship or business situation. Keara can read with or without questions and is a very exact reader. Keara is very dependable and friendly in her readings.

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