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Soulmates or Twin Flames?

Soulmates and Twin Flames have to do with how you relate to a particular relationship. We believe that you do not necessarily have to have a romantic connection with someone in order for them to be one of your soulmates or your twin flame. 

Where is my soulmate? Who is my soulmate?

Towards the end of January and through the middle of February, our focus will be on soul mates.  There will be a string of Facebook posts to help you determine if you have found your soul mate and how to know if that person is for you. Here is a small taste of the types of things we  recommend in looking for a soul mate.

Soulmates and reincarnation

One of our psychic readers is Elizabeth. She is an excellent spiritual teacher. She teaches others to make their intuition more powerful. She also teaches about reincarnation and how it affects a person's soulmate. If your soulmate is not on the same spiritual path as yours, this might not be the right time for that relationship.

Soulmate Sex

You meet someone.  There seems to be an instant, passionate connection.  The question is as follows:  Is this your soulmate?  The answer is maybe.

How do you feel about your sexual experience with this person?  Sex is just another part of your relationship.  There is much more than passion involved in soulmate sex.  A strong sexual connection does not necessarily indicate that you have found a soulmate.

Ask yourself the following questions:

7 Ways to tell if your partner is your soulmate

It can be very difficult to determine if your partner is your soulmate. He or she may be nice, but that does not mean he or she is your actual soulmate. Here are some things to look for in your relationship that could signal that he or she is the one. 

Soulmate or Life Partner or Both?

It is important to determine if the person you are dating is your soulmate or life partner. Hopefully, the person you are in love with is actually both your soulmate AND your life partner. It doesn't always work out that way and it can be hard to determine where you stand with the person you are married to or dating. 

A soulmate is a person who is perfectly suited for you. They make you feel whole. You are in love with his or her flaws. You feel like you have known them before and are comfortable with them. You have a strong attraction to each other. 

Can a Tarot Card Reading help me find my soulmate?

Tarot card readings can help with finding your soul mate. Relationship questions are our number one specialty as a psychic line. Tarot cards can help you determine what has past, what is coming up and what to look out for in your life. They can also show whether or not a relationship or love is in the near or far future. When getting a tarot card reading, it helps when the client already has their issue in mind when they pick up the phone to call their psychic reader. That way the client can focus the energy from the tarot cards toward that direction in life. 


People have a lot of questions regarding their soulmate and their destiny.

Destiny is simply the actions or paths you take through life. Your soulmate is a person with whom you have a connection. A soulmate could be described a significant part of your destiny. Your destiny is determined by your choices. Karma records those choices and makes sure that we are presented with opportunities to balance the universal scales.

Is This Your Soulmate?

Finding true love may be challenging for some people.  If you are in a blossoming relationship that seems not quite right, ask yourself why.  Perhaps the person you are involved is not really your soulmate.