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psychic medium

How does Long Island Medium pick up on dead people?

10 May

Psychic mediums and channelers claim to speak to people who have crossed over and have left their physical body. A medium may be able to communicate, but we always recommend to go into the psychic reading with an open mind and to question the information given. On the show, Long Island Medium on TLC, Theresa Caputo is a psychic medium who picks up on spirits all the time. It is such a great show and is very interesting for us to watch here at Paramount Solutions. We often get asked how a person can pick up on a spirit. There are tons of ways a psychic can communicate with the crossed. Psychic mediums often have words, symbols, feelings and/or hunches about what needs to be communicated to a client. A psychic medium often says some pretty off the wall things to a client!

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