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Psychic Symbols - Flying Geese

21 Jun

A Psychic Symbol is often something common you see often. The object becomes a Psychic Symbol when you seem to see that common object a lot. Your attention seems to fixate or be drawn to the symbol. Your hyper awareness regarding that object means that it is probably the Universe trying to send you a message via a Psychic Symbol.

For example, everyone sees flying geese.They are around a lot in certain areas of the country. However, instead of barely noticing the geese when they fly by, you seem to have heightened awareness about the geese. For some reason they seem to be everywhere and hold your attention. If you are seeing Flying Geese, the universe may be sending you a message regarding family, the importance of teamwork, and loyalty. Flying Geese symbolism may also be an indication that it is time for you to take flight and begin a journey.

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