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Psychic medium readers

13 Jul

Psychic medium readers are readers who can pick up energy visually and symbolically in the here and now. A reading with a psychic medium can be amazing. The key is to find the right energy with the psychic medium so they can help with your questions. Psychic mediums act as translators between our physical world and the spirit world. They can then help a client with messages received. What is meant by "here and now" is that the psychic medium picks up on current energy. The energy might be from crossed spirits or it could be from another source. Because psychic mediums pick up on energy at the moment, he or she may be very direct in the reading. The messages are not sugar coated - they can come across a little too direct for some people. We have many psychic medium readers who work with us.

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Intuition isn't Scary - easier said than done

07 Jul

We had several clients in the past week tell us that they are actually scared to use their intuition.
We understand the fear. It can be scary if you don't know that you are a medium and suddenly start sensing energies around you. Learning all about your gift and how to protect yourself is important.
We have readers who love to help you work with your fear and develop your intuition. They have been in the client's position and have dealt with fear. This is a very common question and we want to help.
New client specials available. Personal, private and professional psychic readings. - Completely independent psychic line - we are NOT affiliated with an other psychic service.
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Ouija Board For Halloween Fun

29 Oct

A Ouija Board is usually a flat piece of wood which has numbers from 0 - 9, all the letters of the alphabet and a Sun and Moon symbol. It also has a triangular shaped instrument called a planchette that glides across the board and spells out answers to questions from the participants. Ouija is considered to be a gateway to the spirit world. The use of the board supposedly allows the living to contact those on the other side. The participants (two is the optimal number) generally ask questions and the planchette should glide across the board and spell out the answers to their questions.

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13 Aug

Biography:  Ella has taught several classes on dream interpretation. She has had this gift since 1982 because of a near death experience. She had psychic dreams before, but now sees visions as if a film were being played through her third eye. She indicates that she can contact those that have passed. She also practices Reiki. Ella is good with love interests, relationships, work issues, business, mediumship, communication issues, the past, present, or future and how people feel. Ella is a very compassionate, spiritual reader with a great sense of humor.

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