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9 Halloween Date Night Ideas

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20 Sep

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. We love fall and everything it brings! Here are 10 fun ideas for Halloween themed date nights:

1. Stay home and pass out candy to the neighborhood children. Enjoy some snacks and wine while doing so. A shared experience should make a fun memory.

2. Get into the spirit of things by decorating your home inside and out. You can come up with a lot of wonderful ideas, if you put your heads together.

3. Go shopping and purchase cool costumes together. You can help each other get out of them later.

4. Find a theater that is showing scary movies or set up a scary movie fest at home to binge watch that evening. Cuddling together while terrified sounds great.

5. Make a Halloween Dinner that features scary food. Serve Bloody Mary’s for your drink of choice. Find recipes that are tailored for Halloween Dinner and make them together.

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