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Six Planetary Retrogrades, a Chiron Retrograde and a Lunar Eclipse

12 Jul

Are you noticing any strange energy? We see SIX PLANETARY RETROGRADES, Chiron Retrograde and we will experience the longest lunar eclipse so far this century.

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio will take place March 8th until July 10th.
Saturn Retrograde In Capricorn will take place April 1st until September 6th.
Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn will take place April 22nd until September 30th.
Neptune Retrograde in Pisces will take place June 18th until November 24th.
Mars Retrograde in Aquarius (goes direct in Capricorn) takes place June 26th until August 27th.
Mercury Retrograde will take place in Leo July 26th until August 19th.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries will take place July 4 - September 26 then into Pisces until February 18, 2019. Chiron is comet. It appears to be aligned with the Six Retrograde Planets and completes the powerful circle.

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