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Am I psychic? How do I know if I am psychic?

07 Jun

Am I psychic? How do I know if I am psychic?
When looking into this question, we want to say, we believe most people have some sort of intuition and/or psychic ability. There are some people who are born with significantly more psychic ability, but the sixth sense is a very important asset. If a person isn’t born with strong intuition, there are some ways you can build your intuition. We have touched on that topic many times in the past. Journaling, meditation, learning to listen, learning about the psychic and metaphysical world, listening to psychics talk about how they found their intuition, and taking time for yourself are all ways you can strengthen your intuition. 
In order to improve your accuracy, be sure to journal as much as possible. Your thoughts when you wake up in the morning and when you have insomnia are very important. It helps to keep a journal next to your bed so you can write your first thoughts in the morning.

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